Scandal AU: I am Olivia Pope. I am Command.

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Do you honestly think they’re any different? B6-13 and O.P.A.— 

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The Dark Side of the Sun

Summary: Trouble finds Olivia on her island hideaway.

Chapter 2

It took two months , once they landed in Saint Martin, before Olivia and Jake shared a bed every night. They’d slept together a handful of times back in their former lives, but she wasn’t quite ready for that level of coupledom straight away.  Jake understood and gave her space.  They spent some time together exploring their new island home, but more often than not Olivia went off on her own.  She needed some “me” time to get to know herself not as the “Fixer”, the “Handler”, or the “Mistress of the President.”  She needed to be selfish and find who Olivia Pope truly was.  The formative years of her childhood had been cloaked in lies. With the truths of her parents out in the open it was time for a rebirth.  So she spent a lot of time alone wandering the island, and every so often taking deep breathes to let the clean air fill her lungs. Hoping it would be more effective than holy water at cleansing the devil of her parentage out of her soul.  A park next to an elementary school that overlooked one of the beaches soon became her favorite spot to think.  Watching the kids run and play with a nearly reckless glee always brought a smile to her face.  She’d never get back the innocence of youth, but maybe she’d learn to have fun again.

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what exact psd/coloring do you use for your olake gifs? its hard for me to gif scandal because i can't find a psd that colors it perfectly
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Hi Anon, I wish I could give you an exact psd. I change them up very often. I should have bookmarked all the PSDs I saved, but I didn’t. I’ve gotten all of my PSDs from here (x) under the bright colors and gradient links. I combined various ones until I liked what I saw. I’m sorry that doesn’t help.

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Every Olivia & Jake Scene (21/?)

Episode 2.18 “Molly, You In Danger, Girl”

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