stand in the sun together
this blog is dedicated to Olivia Pope and Jake Ballard from ABC's Scandal.
lisa13mar said:
Hi! Ive recently delved into the Scandal life, and ADORE Olake. Unfortunately, it seems like its an unpopular ship. Do you have any good sites that have a decent amount of Olake fanfic? I havent had much luck in finding any. Thanks!

Hello!!!  I’m so happy you adore them.

I haven’t been reading too much fanfic lately.  I do have a few fics that were suggested a while ago. (x)

stilesbanshee mentioned popeandballard in a photoset “First of all… I want to thank all of you following me. I officially…”

…stydiadaily aperfectcombinationofatoms atthestartoftime makeoutwithyourposter missmartin popeandballard tricksterstiless teachme-howtobreathe jossgraymark octaviaisqueen…

 Thanks so much! I really am surprised to see this blog listed on a follow forever. I’m very happy.

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