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this blog is dedicated to Olivia Pope and Jake Ballard from ABC's Scandal.

in which tony should never ever ever dance ever again.

Anonymous said:
Can you gif the scene from 4x1 where Olivia is in the hall and the guy she is trying to convince to take the case asks, where were you? And she says an island and he says sounds lonely and she says not as lonely as washington.

Hi, Anon!

I can do that for you. It’ll have to be sometime tomorrow. I don’t have my computer with me, but I wanted to respond so you don’t think I’m ignoring you. :)

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theroomstops said:
This is not an ask, but I saw that you wondered where people get HQ DLs? warez-bb (dot org) ... or filestube (dot com) are good from what I hear. I don't make gifs, but I figured I'd tell you what I know :D Thanks for this tumblr, I love it! Jake > Fitz, always.

Thanks! I’ll check them out.

I’m glad you love this blog!


mle1991 said:
Can you make a gif out of Kerry's interviews of when she acknowledges that both Fitz and Jake have done messed up things to Olivia? I think one was from her recent Michael & Kelly interview when she says Olivia is looking for love in all the wrong places & the other I think might be from her Gold Derby interview, where says something along the lines of "both men have done messed up things" when she is asked if she likes Fitz or Jake for Olivia. Sorry if this is a big request.

I took a break from the net yesterday. I can do that for you. Do you have a link to the vids?

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I’m gonna need a warning next time, this is becoming too much to handle.

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It’s RUDE popeandballard. I’m a delicate flower and I can’t take all this stimulation.

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popeandballard Imma need you to settle down! You are killing me!

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