You deserve a do-over.

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Here you go anon. lol

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"You want to stand in the sun with me…"

"I want us to stand in the sun together…"

My feelings are on 100. So, I will be all over the place lol.

Can we talk about the speech Jake gave Olivia in 2 x 17 telling her how she deserved a do-over? And about how he can help her not to be so sad? And how all of that is relative to NOW?! He was on a mission during that time. But even then, Jake has been supporting Olivia since the back end of Season 2. He has been her rock since he was released from the hole. Jake has been a true friend and confidant all of this time. It’s been up in the air about whether he was a good or bad guy. He kept warning Olivia about Rowan. In 3 x17 when Olivia chose Eli to stay, Jake was more mad about having to leave her in his presence than anything else. But Olivia wanted to believe in her father and that’s understandable. Yet, Rowan played everyone in the process, lol smdh.

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I want us to stand in the sun together.

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